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    Balanced Mindset

    How Changing Your Focus Could Change Everything

    My husband and I bought our first home in a cute little river town called Marietta. Occasionally, on a Saturday morning, I would take advantage of living near the water and head down to the river. I loved to sit silently and watch the water. It was a wonderful opportunity for me to unwind and to simply be.

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    Balanced Mindset

    Permission to Recharge

    This week I have been confronted with an important lesson just when I needed it.  So many days I am "go go going."  I try to fit in every little task into my day. As soon as my peaceful morning routine is over, I start running around. I often multi-task in an effort to save time and get more done. The message that I have received this week is "Slow down. Life is not an emergency. You must take time to refill your tank and or will run out of gas on the highway."

  • Balanced Mindset

    What’s Most Important to You?

    Last night, I visited an old friend who is very sick. I had lost touch with her for the past 3 years or so. I had no idea that she was sick or how bad it was. I am extremely grateful that I was able to see her again. And it got me thinking...How many of us are so busy "making a living" that we forget to enjoy our lives? That we rush out the door without giving hugs and saying "I love you?" Are we so busy that we can't take the time to sit, uninterrupted with our spouses and simply talk for an hour?

  • How to Handle Discouragement When You've Got Big Dreams (1)
    Balanced Mindset

    Handling Discouragement When You Have Big Dreams

    We all feel discouraged at times. Especially if you have some big dreams and expectations, you're bound to have setbacks. You feel like you're working hard, going in the right direction...and then SMACK. A roadblock. They can come in many forms. But you know when you've hit one. Or maybe you feel like you're working hard and you're not really getting anywhere. You're just spinning your wheels over and over and never gaining traction.

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