hopes for my girls
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Hopes for My Girls

I hoped I would have a little girl someday.
And now I have THREE.
As they grow, so do my hopes.

I hope I instill confidence in them to know that they are strong, capable, and important.

I hope they know that they are dearly loved not only by me, their father, and our friends and family but also by an Almighty God who will never leave nor forsake them.

I hope that I can model that love for them with my life.

I hope that they allow their faith to be an anchor for their souls.

I hope that when storms come, they draw near and hold fast to that anchor without wavering.
I hope they can look at problems and see possibility.

I hope they believe that their dreams can become reality.

I hope each one finds something she’s passionate about and can make it a career.

I hope they do their best to make a difference in the world and that when they see hardship, they’re inspired to help rather than despair.

I hope that they realize that love is their most powerful weapon and greatest treasure.

I hope they know that they can always come to me with their problems and I’ll do my best to understand and empathize.

I hope they see their sisters as built-in best friends.

I hope they are happy to teach and to learn from each other.

I hope they encourage one another to do good.

I hope they also find other friends who support them and are genuinely happy for their success, and who encourage them to be their very best.

I hope each daughter of mine believes in herself today, tomorrow, and every day of her life.

I hope, I dream, and I pray for you, sweet girls.

(Inspired in part by Hebrews 10:22-24)


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