• books that have drastically changed my life (3)
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    10 Books That Have Drastically Changed My Life

    I'm a bit of a personal development junkie. I love books that educate me and push me to be better. In the past 5 years, I've read dozens of "self-help" style books. But there are a few that I find myself recommending to people over and over again because they are seriously changed my life! So, I decided to compile them into one list for all of you (and share with you a bit of why I think each one is worth your time).

  • coffee naps for moms
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    Why Coffee Naps Are a Mom’s New Best Friend

    Have you heard about coffee naps? I promise that I didn’t make this up, it’s a real thing. A coffee nap is as simple as it sounds— you drink a cup of coffee and then take a quick power nap (15-20 minutes is ideal but no longer than 30). When I first heard about this, I was confused. Coffee and naps are two of my favorite things, but aren’t you supposed to choose one or the other? Coffee to wake you up or a nap to give you a quick rest? Nope— scientists have found that these two things actually work better when they’re together. People feel more rested and…

  • how to succeed new years resolutions
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    8 Ways to Succeed with Your New Year Resolution…For Real This Time!

    There’s a lot of naysaying around New Year’s resolutions. After all, some 90% of people don’t see their plans through. Maybe you’ve personally set some goals in the past that you haven’t accomplished. I don’t care about what the statistics say, what you’ve done in the past, or what obstacles you face—you can be successful if you make up your mind to be. Here are some tips on how to succeed with your New Year’s resolution or your any-time-of-the-year goals…for real this time!

  • 5 second rule
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    How Could 5 Seconds Could Change Your Life?

    Yesterday, I finished reading Mel Robbins' book, "The 5 Second Rule."It has nothing to do with dropped food.​It has everything to do with improving your life. The premise is this: Any time your gut tries to move in the right direction, your brain talks you out of it after 5 seconds. If you don't take action within those first 5 seconds, you miss your window of opportunity.

  • time management
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    How to Manage Your Time So You Always Have Time For What’s Most Important

    As a married mom of three, a part-time jewelry consultant, and blogger, I have been forced to become better at time management. And I am always trying to improve my skills in this area. I want to maximize my time with my family, but I don't want to give up the big dreams that I have for us. I often get asked, "How do you do it all?!" The answer is that I prioritize. I am learning to make a distinction between the urgent and the important.

  • woman map direction | balanced mom
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    Are You Moving in the Right Direction?

    Yesterday was my 27th birthday.  Birthdays have a way of causing you to reflect on life—  where you've been, where you are, and where you are going.  I'm still in awe that my body helped create two little beautiful human beings.  My oldest will be THREE this year.  It seems like only yesterday that we brought her home. I can't believe this year will be five years since I married my husband. That means it's also been five years since I graduated from college. Time seems to be going so fast.

  • how and why I became a morning person (2)
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    How and Why I Became a Morning Person

    I was once a late riser.  Like, very late.  I would wake up as late as I could possibly get away with.  When I had a baby, this meant sleeping in until the baby woke up.  Before that, it meant sleeping until I had to get ready for work. If I didn't work in the morning, I slept until I naturally woke up. I thought that I could never be a morning person.  I felt like a zombie most mornings. I yawned, stretched, and walked slowly for a good 15 minutes after finally getting out of bed. Today, I wake up at 5 am most mornings.

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