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    The Best Motherhood Advice You Might Ever Get

    Are you a new mom looking for advice? I've been there! I used to spend hours reading books and blogs, scouring Pinterest, and trying to learn everything I could about motherhood. And while I learned a lot of helpful tidbits and hacks during this research phase, I never really heard that advice that I wish I had. Here is some of the motherhood advice I wish I had read years ago (it might be the best advice you'll ever get).

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    How to Make Each of Your Children Feel Special Every Day

    Have you ever had one of your kids ask you, "Who do you love the most?" If so, you've probably answered and said something like "I love you all the same!" Although that answer feels natural (because it's true) it isn't what kids need to hear. Find out the core reason that kids ask this question and how you can answer it in the way that addresses their needs.

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    Why I Ignore My Kids

    Sometimes, the best thing you can do for your kids is to ignore them. There, I said it. I ignore my kids. But I have good reasons. Check them out here and you may just agree.

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    6 Things to Stop Doing If You Want Your Kids to Get Along

    As a mom of 3 girls, one of my strongest hopes is that my kids grow up to be close friends. I want them to love each other deeply, confide in each other, and know that they have built-in BFFs for whatever life might throw at them. The problem is, they fight all the time! After contemplating how my personal behavior might be contributing to the problem, I decided to STOP doing some things to help cultivate strong relationships between my girls. And it's made a huge difference!

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    What All Parents Need to Know About Child Sexual Abuse

    It’s hard to imagine that we live in a world where innocent children are so often abused, but unfortunately, we do. Most of us can’t comprehend how anyone could want to hurt a child. I know I can’t. Recently, I started learning more about child sex abuse. Although I’ve never written on this subject, I feel called to be a voice in this area. I believe that we all have an obligation to be advocates for children. After all, children can’t protect themselves. They depend on us for that. So, we all have a responsibility to learn the facts about child abuse and start doing what we can to save…

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    How to Prep for a Great Snow Day with Kids

    Forecasters are calling for a snowstorm. Chances are good that your kids won’t have school and the whole family will be home for an entire day. I’m somewhat of a homebody, so I secretly look forward to these days. Snow days are a chance to slow down, relax and to have some fun with your family.  But in order to get the most out of the day, you need to prepare a bit. So, how do you prep for a great snow day with kids?

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