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    I Was Having “One of Those Days” as a Mom

    I was having one of those days as a mom. I was frustrated. Nothing seemed to be going right. My fuse was getting shorter. I was exhausted. The kids wouldn't listen. They kept asking me for things. Asking over and over and over again. Even after I had said no a million times...

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    On Being a Mom and Being a Role Model

    Do you ever sit around and think about how much your life has changed since you became a mom? I do. I look at my girls and I think about how they'll see life someday-- how they may not remember everything I say, but they will remember the lessons that I teach them with my own life. I want them to know that they can do anything, not just because I tell them so but because I show them so. I want to be an example of continual personal growth, loving others, and having a servant's heart. An example of someone who went for her dreams, instead of simply talking…

  • being a mom and being you

    Being a Mom and Being You

    Many mothers tell me that they feel selfish when they do things for themselves.  I completely understand that feeling.  It's easy to think that our children should have 100% of our attention.  I'm not going to try to convince you otherwise on that issue.  But I do want you to realize the importance of your own physical and mental health.