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    How to Manage Your Time So You Always Have Time For What’s Most Important

    As a married mom of three, a part-time jewelry consultant, and blogger, I have been forced to become better at time management. And I am always trying to improve my skills in this area. I want to maximize my time with my family, but I don't want to give up the big dreams that I have for us. I often get asked, "How do you do it all?!" The answer is that I prioritize. I am learning to make a distinction between the urgent and the important.

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    Permission to Recharge

    This week I have been confronted with an important lesson just when I needed it.  So many days I am "go go going."  I try to fit in every little task into my day. As soon as my peaceful morning routine is over, I start running around. I often multi-task in an effort to save time and get more done. The message that I have received this week is "Slow down. Life is not an emergency. You must take time to refill your tank and or will run out of gas on the highway."

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    Birthday Reflections: Moving in the Right Direction

    Yesterday was my 27th birthday.  Birthdays have a way of causing you to reflect on life—  where you've been, where you are, and where you are going.  I'm still in awe that my body helped create two little beautiful human beings.  My oldest will be THREE this year.  It seems like only yesterday that we brought her home. I can't believe this year will be five years since I married my husband. That means it's also been five years since I graduated from college. Time seems to be going so fast.

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    Have Courage and Be Kind

    Courage and kindness have been reoccurring themes in my life lately. Last week I saw the new "Cinderella" movie. I'm a huge Disney princess lover (having two small girls is just a cover-up), so I was giddy about this experience. Simply stated...I loved it. One of the reasons I loved it so much was because of the amazing lesson(s) of this film. There is the classic Cinderella moral: "Dream big and never give up hope." But the focus was much more on the lesson that Cinderella's mother tells her before her passing: "Have courage and be kind."

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    What’s Most Important to You?

    Last night, I visited an old friend who is very sick. I had lost touch with her for the past 3 years or so. I had no idea that she was sick or how bad it was. I am extremely grateful that I was able to see her again. And it got me thinking...How many of us are so busy "making a living" that we forget to enjoy our lives? That we rush out the door without giving hugs and saying "I love you?" Are we so busy that we can't take the time to sit, uninterrupted with our spouses and simply talk for an hour?

  • Motherhood

    Being a Mom and Being You

    Many mothers tell me that they feel selfish when they do things for themselves.  I completely understand that feeling.  It's easy to think that our children should have 100% of our attention.  I'm not going to try to convince you otherwise on that issue.  But I do want you to realize the importance of your own physical and mental health.

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    Reminders and Rainbows

    Normally, I love seeing my Facebook memories pop up and remind me of what I posted “on this day.”​Today, however, Facebook reminded me of a pregnancy announcement I made on this day two years ago. Which means in a few days, I will be reminded of the day I called the doctor and asked Facebook for prayers, because I knew something was wrong. And a few days after that, I’ll be reminded of how I shared with you all what was going on. How I’d had a scare, but I was waiting in agony on test results. How I was terrified but hopeful. And in a few more days, I…

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    Handling Discouragement When You Have Big Dreams

    We all feel discouraged at times. Especially if you have some big dreams and expectations, you're bound to have setbacks. You feel like you're working hard, going in the right direction...and then SMACK. A roadblock. They can come in many forms. But you know when you've hit one. Or maybe you feel like you're working hard and you're not really getting anywhere. You're just spinning your wheels over and over and never gaining traction.

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    How and Why I Became a Morning Person

    I was once a late riser.  Like, very late.  I would wake up as late as I could possibly get away with.  When I had a baby, this meant sleeping in until the baby woke up.  Before that, it meant sleeping until I had to get ready for work. If I didn't work in the morning, I slept until I naturally woke up. I thought that I could never be a morning person.  I felt like a zombie most mornings. I yawned, stretched, and walked slowly for a good 15 minutes after finally getting out of bed. Today, I wake up at 5 am most mornings.